A student and teacher reading together at a table in a Paragon School classroom

The Paragon Difference

We believe success is achieved through high expectations, and we empower students to pursue their potential through a supportive, individualized educational environment.

What is Paragon?

A student and teacher cooking together in a Paragon School kitchen

The Paragon Paths

We provide educational pathways and specialist therapies tailored to the individual needs of every child from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Explore The Paragon Approach

Two students together at a laptop in a Paragon School science classroom

The Paragon Focus

We focus on what your child can do, not on what they cannot. We teach them how to develop the skills they need to succeed and create a fulfilling future that will allow them to flourish.

Beyond the Classroom


  • Parent
Julia B.

We are forever grateful to Paragon.

The best part of Paragon is the teamwork between parents, faculty and staff. The curriculum is tailored and not generic textbook content. My son has friends, leaders and support in all that he does. He is on a routine and schedule that meets his personal and academic growth needs.

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  • Junior

Pretty much everyone in this school is my friend.

Paragon has taught me basically to be the best person you can be and don't listen to what the world is telling you or to what society's telling you. You've got to be yourself, you've just got to make your way in the world, and you've got to leave your mark.

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