ApplYing to The Paragon School

We don’t want to wait a moment for your child to begin living their best life.

The Admissions Process

We operate a rolling admissions calendar to get your child enrolled as quickly as possible. Admission invitations are made to accommodate start-of-year and mid-year enrollment for new students. All admissions are subject to space availability in each classroom.

Please review the six easy steps to starting your child's new life at Paragon...

STEP 1 - Attend an Open House Event

Held throughout the year, open house attendance is a required first step for all prospective families.

For more information and to register for the next open house, please click here.

STEP 2 - Complete an Online Application

Following your attendance at an Open House, our Admissions Officer will email you a link to our online application portal.  Please complete this online application.

STEP 3 - Submit Required Documentation

Submit all required school records and teacher/therapist recommendations. For your convenience, submission takes place entirely online. Please share report cards, standardized testing reports, behavior reports, current IEP (if applicable), psycho-educational evaluation or another other applicable material.

STEP 4 - Schedule a Parent Interview

This personal one-on-one time with school leadership allows us to get to know you on a deeper level and set goals for your child’s scholastic future.

STEP 5 - Schedule a Student Shadow Appointment

The shadow session shows your child exactly what being a Paragon student looks and feels like and gives our staff and students the opportunity to get to know your child better.

STEP 6 (Optional) - Apply for Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance is available for families with a demonstrated need. Please note, however, that you do not need to apply for assistance before finding out if your child will be accepted at Paragon. The decision making process for enrollment is separate from Tuition Assistance applications.

For more information, please click here.