Tuition & Fees

The development of your child’s intellect, conduct, social presence and character is the foundation of his or her lifelong self-confidence and happiness, as well as their ability to gain independence and financial self-support.

In The Paragon School you have a partner that will help prepare your child for a fulfilling and productive life. We work tirelessly every day to help our students prepare for life after Paragon, and we strongly believe that your investment and sacrifices will help your child achieve his or her best in school, and in life.

Our Tuition Fees are kept as low as possible whilst ensuring our commitment to offer a program that is focused on small class sizes and individualized attention. The fees for the 2019-20 school year are detailed below.

Financial Assistance

We know that for many families, Paragon's tuition and fees represent a significant financial barrier. For information on scholarships and grants available, please visit our Affording Paragon page. 

Tuition 2019-20

Gross ANNUAL tuition for all grades is $20,500

Paragon participates in the McKay and Gardiner scholarship programs through the state of Florida. Additional tuition assistance is available for families with a demonstrated need. For more information on how to pay for your Paragon experience, please click here.

For additional information about the McKay and Gardiner scholarship programs, please visit these sites:
McKay Scholarship | The Gardiner Scholarship Program

Admissions Fees

The following fees are payable as part of the Admissions Process:

  • Application fee (new students) $115
  • Enrollment fee (new and returning students) $500

Additional Fees

We do not bill for textbooks or curriculum materials, but there are a number of smaller but notable costs that come up during the course of the school year. 

The following list should give a good guide of required, recommended & optional costs. All figures are estimates and all incidental fees are billed at the time the fee is incurred.

  • School Uniform: $150-$200
    Purchased through Educational Outfitters
  • Field Trips: approximately $60/year (varies by age group and trip, charged per trip)
  • School Social Events: $50/year (family holiday parties, school dances, etc.)
  • After School Care: $15/day 
  • Catered Hot lunch (M-Th) and Pizza (F): $5.75/meal
  • Yearbook: $55
  • After School Clubs: $15/week (if interested, you must sign up for a minimum of one month)


*This is not a complete list and may include other school events and activities not listed above.


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