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We understand that now, more than ever, is a time when families with children with autism are likely to be facing additional challenges, as they navigate the world of home schooling and family quarantine.

Many parents have already reached out to us about enrolling their children for August 2020.

Those families now have peace of mind, knowing that, when the time to return to normal life comes, they have selected a school for their child that is properly equipped to support them in reestablishing structure and behavioral norms.

A school with teachers who are experts in creating an environment that will ensure both academic progress and emotional stability.

Message from our Admissions Officer


"What if there was a school..."

Watch and learn about how The Paragon School is changing the lives of students and their families every day.



The Admissions Process

We operate a rolling admissions calendar to get your child enrolled as quickly as possible. Admission invitations are made to accommodate start-of-year and mid-year enrollment for new students. All admissions are subject to space availability in each classroom.

Please review the six easy steps to starting your child's new life at Paragon...

Virtual Open House

We might not be able to show you around our campus, but we would love for you to join us for a live Online Presentation and Q&A.  

Register below and we will contact you to arrange a time to virtually join us.



We look forward to meeting you soon!

At Paragon we believe in the value and power of uniqueness.

It is at the core of what we do, and who we are. It is reinforced in the values that we teach to our students every day, and the message we impart to every parent we have the privilege of helping.

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At Paragon, we change perspectives.  We change the way that children perceive themselves and their futures. The way family’s function and thrive. 

We challenge prejudices – both yours and those of others – and offer a new belief in what is possible.

We understand that your child’s uniqueness brings with it challenges and hurdles, but we know we can make a difference both to their lives and yours. 

To help you navigate the school selection process, and give you a greater insight into the paragon approach we have developed this short admissions brochure.

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Virtual Campus Tour

We understand that there is nothing like seeing our campus and students in action. However, while our campus is closed, you can still take a look around the school in our virtual campus tour.


Front view of campus with school sign of school logo and school name
Side view of campus building
View of reception desk at front office
View of campus first floor hallway
Closeup of backpacks hanging in campus first floor hallway
View of computer lab with computers and chairs
Elementary students working on classwork
View of second floor hallway with student backpacks hanging
Middle and high school students working on classwork
High school student working on classwork
View of courtyard with picnic tables and red umbrellas
View of students watering plants in school garden
View of gardening boxes in school garden
View of school kitchen with stove, refrigerator and stools at kitchen island
View of campus multi-purpore room, referred to as the Nest
View of outside walkway
Closeup view of outside walkway
View of music and dance room with instruments on walls
Distant left side view of school playground and basketball court
Distant right side view of school playground and basketball court
Closeup of school playground with slide, jungle gym and seesaw
High school students completing science assignment on laptops
Left side view of school library with books on shelves
Right side view of school library with tables, reading mat, and books on shelves
View of students running on field




We understand that many parents appreciate the opportunity to talk through their own personal story and the specific issues they may be facing.


Wondering 'What if' Paragon could be a good fit for your child?

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Listening to other parent experiences is a helpful way of learning more about whether Paragon might be right for you.



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