A fulfilling & meaningful life begins here...

We are the only private school in Central Florida that exclusively serves higher functioning children on the autism spectrum. The Paragon School attracts students and their families who are committed to meaningful and progressive growth.

We know the feelings of frustration that many families feel when they are searching for the right place for their child. We also know that we can help. If you are committed to supporting your child on his or her journey then The Paragon School is the fresh start you’ve been seeking. 

If other schools have failed you and your child in the past, you’ll discover something very different at Paragon. Nearly all new Paragon students come to us with a track record of failures or disappointments. That’s in the past. At Paragon, each child is celebrated and valued, setting the stage for success at school, which consequently leads to success at home and in our community.

Preparing students for life

Our ultimate goal is to equip your child for life after Paragon, whether that comes after a couple of years when your child is prepared to attend a different school or if it comes after he or she graduates from Paragon and attend college, go to work or move to a supported community away from home. Long-term success takes many forms for individuals on the autism spectrum, and we are prepared to help you and your child chart this path.

Together, we can help your child develop the skills and confidence that will lead to a fulfilling and happy life.
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