Student Leadership

Student Council

Students cultivate leadership skills in student council. For almost every student, Paragon marks the first opportunity to run for and be elected to student council by his or her classmates. This opportunity provides a tremendous boost to self-confidence.

Participants, from elementary to high school, learn how to run a campaign, write their own speeches, and commit to community projects such as food drives for the local food bank or care packages to active duty soldiers.

As a member of student council, I love being a part of doing things for the greater good of the community.

Jackson, High School Student

Safety Patrol

Being selected to serve as a safety patrol member is another great opportunity for students to develop leadership skills, while giving back to the Paragon community. The safety patrol have many responsibilities, including ensuring safety for students during arrival and dismissal, setup for special events, and care for the school lunch area.
I like safety patrol because it's an opportunity not many have. It's a chance to be an example for the whole school and is an honor that is not given, but earned.
Manny, High School Student
Group of elementary, middle and high school students after student council election speeches
Student council campaign poster
Female high school student voting during student council elections