Summer Camps

Immersive summer camp sessions allow Paragon students to extend the learning – and the fun – into the school break.

Students learn important skills such as culinary arts, all-star sports, social skills and forensics, which can be used at school, at home and out in the wide world around them.

This year's summer camps, which are only open to currently enrolled Paragon students, include:


Culinary science study is a blend of food science and culinary arts. Students will have fun gaining experience in the food industry through research and development. Students will prepare meals from scratch, create recipes, and follow nutritional guidelines.


All-Star Sports

You don't have to be a 5-star athlete to participate in All-Star Sports Camp. Learning will take place on and off the field, with an emphasis on good sportsmanship and teamwork. If your athlete signs up early, he/she will help us choose which sports we teach and play!


Many of us have been introduced to forensics through popular TV shows. Forensics campers will apply scientific principles in crime scene investigation to gather evidence, prove or refute theories, crack cases, and most importantly, have fun!

Paragon School students playing soccer