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As we move into our Distance Learning Program, our teachers are excited to work with students in a different kind of classroom setting. While not the same as being hands-on in the classroom, our distance learning approach is aimed at keeping our students engaged in school and learning.

Teaching Methods

Teaching will be done through a combination of synchronous and asynchronous methods. Details of the different online learning platforms and group conferencing software being used for each homeroom are detailed in the Homeroom Information pages.


Teachers and assistants will be available during normal Monday-Friday 'office hours' during which time they will be available to answer individual questions and provide feedback on your child’s progress. As part of this distance learning plan, staff may provide cell phone numbers, but we are asking that everyone please abide by normal school office hours or defer to individual guidelines set by staff as to how and when best to contact them.

Each homeroom information page will contain a digest of key communications sent by your child's Homeroom Teacher as well as copies of any whole school communications.  

Grade Promotion

While, given the current circumstances, we fully support the governor's mandate that all students be promoted to the next grade level, we intend to stay diligent about skill acquisition and standards.

If you are concerned about your child’s readiness to be promoted to the next grade level, please let us know, and we will schedule conferences to discuss possible retention.



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We miss our students - and know they miss their friends & teachers too! 

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Paragon students moving forward with their learning. We're so proud of them all! Show us what you and your family are doing to keep learning alive at home.

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