Ms. Mulvaney, Ms. Hagler & Ms. Gonzalez




Online Platforms

Elementary students should sign-up for the following platforms:


Each student has been given an IXL account. Please click on the link above and sign-up with your child’s name and password.

  • Username: student first name and last name, followed by 137 (example: johnsmith137)
  • Password: student first name (example: john)

Google Classroom

Each student has been issued a Paragon email address. The student’s Paragon email will be used to sign into Google Classroom.

  • Student’s Paragon email address: student’s last name and first initial of first name (example: Student name - John Smith, email address - smithj@theparagonschool)
  • Password: student’s first and last name (example: johnsmith)

In addition, students need to complete the following:

Students must listen to the daily KidNuz podcast and type one thing they learned from the podcast. This is how daily attendance will be taken. This will be starting on April 6th. Students must submit work before 5:00 p.m. of that day in order to be counted present.


Students must participate in a minimum of 30 mins a day of PE. This could include swimming, biking, running, playing sports. I would encourage students to get outside as much as possible. They can also use GoNoodle and the YouTube PE Coach.

Silent Reading

Students should be reading for 15-30 mins a day. Please keep a reading log (the reading log has been emailed to parents). Students need to fill in the title of the book and how many minutes they read. On Fridays, students need to submit a story map from one story they read that week. If your student is reading a chapter book, the story map can be of one chapter in the book.

Students are required to listen to KidNuz podcasts Monday - Friday and make a comment before 3 p.m. to be marked present.

Elementary Office Hours
9 a.m. - 12p.m.