Winter Olympics Field Day

Winter Olympics Field Day

Get ready for the Florida version of Paragon's Winter Olympics!

It was a chilly winter morning. Dressed in their team’s colors, green, red, blue or orange students stood in the field waiting for the festivities to begin. The sound of alpenhorns filled the air, officially opening Paragon’s 2019 Winter Olympics Field Day.

The games began with a torch relay race. Students ran as fast they could across the field with a “torch” in hand, completed 10 jumping jacks, and handed off the torch to the next teammate, who would do the same.

Taking place on the school basketball court, the next game was scooter hockey. All four teams competed in 10-minute matches, sitting on scooters with small plastic hockey sticks and a foam ball that served as the puck.

Going back to the field, students then competed in a “snowball” toss. With water balloons in hand, students took turns throwing them as far as they could. The team that got their “snowball” the furthest would win this game.

The final game took place in front of the school: the bobsled race. Being that Florida sees very little to no snow in the winter, the bobsleds were equipped with wheels. One student sat on the bobsled, while another student pushed them across the front of the school.

Students had a blast participating in each game, but only one team came out victorious in the end: the green Isle of the Battle Toads team.

Check out these pictures from the day’s events