high School

9th through 12th Grade

By the time your child reaches high school, a path to graduation will have been clearly identified.

Each high school path emphasizes preparing your child for life after Paragon - whether in secondary education, the job market, or an independent living arrangement.

The ultimate goal is to ensure that every student is as prepared and confident as possible for the world that lies beyond The Paragon School doors. For our students, post-graduation steps may include a part-time or full-time job, two- or four-year college placement, a college experience program, and/or life in a group residential environment. No matter what, students leave this program prepared to live with greater independence and less reliance on family members for their daily needs.

The Three High School Paths

College Prep


A Paragon School high school student reading through notes in a classroom

The College Prep Path is academically rigorous and includes the state-mandated course requirements for college entry post-graduation.

Students have opportunities to participate in state academic competitions such as German, Latin, Civics, and DECA. Academic projects with students and professors at Rollins College offer enrichment to this path. Previous projects with Rollins include German Christmas Market, Fake News Project, Constitution Project, Bilingual German/English Puppet Shows, and Community Engagement Projects.



A Paragon School high school student during an internship at Orange County Library

The Vocational Path equips students with the skills they need to attend technical school, enter the workforce, or attend a college experience program.

This path includes a modified academic curriculum. Students participate in paid and unpaid vocational internships alongside Paragon staff job coaches at places like McDonald's, YMCA, and Orange County Library.


Pre-Vocational & Life Skills


Paragon School high school students during an internship with Educational Outfitters

The Pre-Vocational & Life Skills Path prepares students to live in an environment where they can be as independent as possible at home or in an independent residential community.

This path includes a modified academic curriculum. In addition to learning valuable life skills, students also enjoy supported vocational and life skills training opportunities on and off campus, including the in-school Amazon bookstore and job internships at Educational Outfitters.