Middle School

6th through 8th Grade

Three middle school paths offer different approaches to allow each child to reach his or her potential.

Administrators and teachers work closely with parents and students to identify the most suitable path for middle school placement.

The Three Middle School Paths



The Transitional Path helps to identify the most suitable track to graduation for incoming middle school students either on or slightly below grade level.

This middle school path includes the four core subjects (English, science, math, social studies) with an intensive focus on math and reading to build proficiency.




The Vocational Path includes a modified academic curriculum with a focus on systematic training for workplace readiness.

Students have vocational opportunities on and off campus and participate in internships at SugarBuzz Bakery and Longhorn Steakhouse.

The vocational path emphasizes developing foundational skills for the workplace such as communication, conduct, socialization, and problem-solving.



Pre-Vocational & Life Skills


The Pre-Vocational & Life Skills Path includes a modified academic curriculum with a focus on skills required for independent living.

Skills include shopping, basic personal finances, meal prep, self-care, laundry, and maintaining a living space.

Students enjoy supported vocational opportunities on and off campus, including Educational Outfitters and operating an on-campus Amazon bookstore.