What if there was a school
as unique as your child?

Choosing a school for any child is an important decision,
but choosing a school for your child with autism can be life changing. 


At Paragon we believe in the value and power of uniqueness.  It is at the core of what we are.

It is reinforced in the values that we teach to our students every day, and the message we impart to every parent we have the privilege of helping.


Cover image from Admissions Brochure - group of students and teacher outside

At Paragon, we change perspectives.  We change the way that children perceive themselves and their futures. The way family’s function and thrive. 

We challenge prejudices – both yours and those of others – and offer a new belief in what is possible.

We understand that your child’s uniqueness brings with it challenges and hurdles, but we know we can make a difference both to their lives and yours. 

To help you navigate the school selection process, and give you a greater insight into the paragon approach we have developed this short admissions brochure.




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Choosing the right school is essential. When you get it right it will be instrumental in providing a positive and fulfilling future for your child.

The right educational setting will allow them to learn, grow and develop into contributing members of society.


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