School-Home Partnership

Students achieve the greatest success when they are held to the same high standards away from school.

Through parent conferences and daily communication, we work with you to develop the strategies and resources you will need to help reinforce the approach we take at school. Ensuring consistency in the way behavior is handled and the expectations you have for your child is paramount to ensuring your child's success. We are partners in your child's development and progress and, as such, we rely on open and honest communication so that we can both address issues and celebrate success!


Parent Coffee Events

Throughout the course of the school year, we host a series of Parent Coffee Events.  These events are held in an informal and supportive setting that allows parents to share their own experiences and learn from experts and each other. A few examples of the topics covered are:

  • Home Strategies  -  How to reinforce behavior expectations set at school
  • Relaxation Exercises  -  How to help your student to unwind
  • Looking Ahead - Long-term planning and special needs trusts