Setting Expectations

Our focus is on helping students recognize that their potential far exceeds the limits that society places on them.

When students realize what they are capable of, their self-confidence soars, real academic progress is possible and meaningful friendships develop.Students are held to high standards that revolve around instilling a strong belief in personal accountability. To accomplish this, students follow these five basic rules, providing ample structure for them: 

  1. LISTEN – Focus on what is being communicated

  2. HAVE MANNERS – Always be polite and respectful

  3. BE SAFE – Practice safety at all times

  4. BE FLEXIBLE – Adjust favorably to change

  5. SELF CHECK – Be accountable for your actions

Our staff is highly experienced with helping students move beyond behavior challenges and meet higher expectations. Our approach is firm but fair. 

We find that students experience real growth, both at school and at home, once they embrace the idea that they are a part of a community, and learn how to function as a productive, and not disruptive, member of that community.