the paragon experience

Most children who come to Paragon have had trouble at a former school; whether they were the victim of bullying, were disruptive in class, struggled to keep up academically, felt the teachers did not help them, or struggled to make friends. One way or another they did not fit in, so they arrive at Paragon in desperate need of a huge boost to their self-confidence and plan to get their academic and social growth back on track.


With every child that joins us we work patiently and consistently on three key areas:

Building Self-Confidence


A young Paragon School student playing a guitar in a classroom

Few things are as powerful to the development of self-confidence as having a true friend and feeling accepted by others. Once behavior is on track, and academic success begins, self-confidence surges and social settings seem easier to handle. When a child feels safe, respected and accepted by their community, strong relationships develop.

At Paragon, self-confidence is the foundation upon which all learning and growth is built.

The process of improving self-confidence in a child begins the first minute he or she arrives on campus. High expectations are set at the beginning and are consistent from class to class and teacher to teacher. The day is structured, and a spirit of trust and respect fills the air. Your child will feel safe at Paragon.

Developing Individualized Plans

Individualized Plans

Two Paragon School students working together at a laptop in a classroom

Your child will be met where he or she is academically, and an individualized plan is built from there. Through small class sizes and low student-to-teacher ratios, we deliver a great deal of individualized instruction, especially in the core subjects of math and reading.

Our students feel they have an opportunity for academic success and often for the first time envision a bright future.

For most, life after Paragon includes a continuation of academic learning, either by returning to their neighborhood school or graduating Paragon and attending a two or four-year college or trade school. For all, life after Paragon eventually means going to work – after all, isn’t that the end goal for all of us, and one of the main reasons we pursue an education? We prepare students for continued growth and learning, and a fulfilling life after Paragon.

Establishing Social Skills

Social Skills

A Paragon School teaching leading a group of students in a cooking class

At Paragon, we work on social skills during every minute of every day. Manners are taught and bullying is not tolerated.

Self-confidence soars at Paragon, and real friendships are formed.

The number of social teaching opportunities during a school day is massive, and all of our staff (classroom and administrative) welcome the chance to help students grow in this critical area of their development.