What is paragon?

At Paragon, we are changing perspectives in a positive way everyday - changing the way children perceive themselves and their futures; changing the way families function and thrive; changing the way other schools, colleges and employers view people on the autism spectrum. In short, we are changing the belief of what is possible!

At Paragon, we help children to move beyond the disruptive behavioral challenges that frequently block the way to social and academic growth. Our approach to helping children learn socially appropriate behavior is firm and fair, meaning we stress the importance of positive behavior every minute of every day. 

The program was founded on the idea that children with autism learn best in a safe and structured environment, where they feel good about themselves and where academic and social success is possible.

Our expectations are high, and we help our students meet and exceed these expectations at school and away from school. The payoff for the child is remarkable to watch – self-confidence skyrockets, and academic and social progress follows. Family life improves, and the child starts to feel like an accepted member of our community.

Watching the self-confidence of a new student soar after they adjust to the new environment is truly remarkable!

The Paragon School really is a transformational educational community that impacts people's lives forever.

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Cover image from Admissions Brochure - group of students and teacher outside

At Paragon we believe in the value and power of uniqueness.

To help you navigate the school selection process, and give you a greater insight into the paragon approach we have developed this short admissions brochure.